Friday, April 3, 2009

Ria, TKW Other raped ...

Sob cry from the hundreds of female workers (TKW) is not checked when Nasrini Ria (21) told the gathering itself disetrum agent Ashkanani foreign workers fled after the cause of the employer's eyes and break his leg.

"I am in torment in the out-Ashkanani. Not only me, TKW was raped there," said Ria in meeting the Deputy Chairman of the General Association of Corporate Services TKI (Apjati) Rusjdi Basalamah, Chairman of the Association of Jasa TKI (Himsataki) M Yunus Yamani, Chairman Bida Indonesia Organization Employment Agencies Asociation (Idea) Aminullah and I attended Consul KBRI TKW Kuwait and 339 Mushalla Indonesian embassy in Kuwait, on Monday (23 / 3).

Ria ago narrate luck with terbata-brick, with the emotional pressure on the description and he said every eye in the colored water. After running from the employer Ria pit, and brought to the agency's Ashkanani in Salmiah, Kuwait.

Disekap him there for a month in the crypt. "I face in cold water siram three buckets. Hand tied ago beaten me," he said.

He was not, as the agency's action helped send them abusive employers, but even he was tortured.

Ria new six-month working in gulf countries, but has been moved twice and the employer worse fate befall the second employer. Because his eyes blurred by dicongkel to bleed nail employer.

Asal Cirebon girls that have been previously invited to Kuwait KBRI's death, a day before the management of the three associations that arrived in Kuwait, Sunday (22 / 3). The previous day, Saturday (21 / 3) 76 TKW using agents Ashkanani taken away from the gathering KBRI Kuwait.

Ria decline and before about 300 colleagues who pack Mushalla KBRI Kuwait testify on the fate he himself and colleagues.

Story of girl who can not stand up straight it makes a number of other TKW told about fate. Most of them are also distributed by agents Ashkanani.

Yunus has said KBRI should stop cooperation with the Kuwait Union of Domestic Labor Offices (KUDLO), led by agent TKA Ashkanani. "KBRI should now stop the cooperation agreement that monopolize the workplace (PK) at the Indonesian embassy of Kuwait. This agent TKA useless!" said Jonah.

He asked, "Who are placed by Ashkanani?" Dozens of hands upward ago.

Once taken away from gathering at the holidays, it appeared that there were still many problems TKW channeled Ashkanani.

TKA other agents, Abdul Wahab Al-Atwan in the different places, why KBRI Kuwait establish cooperation with KUDLO led by Muhammed Fadhel Al-Sharaf who led the agency TKA Ashkanani. "You have to see and hear the company is not able to solve the problem TKW it. How can he finish all the problems in TKW's appointment as the Indonesian embassy in the offer," said Wahab.

He also says 50 percent of the Indonesian embassy TKW problem is that agents TKW by Ashkanani. Not only that she also said that the Philippine government entered into the black list (black list) until now. KBRI previously also include it in black list, but now only serve the legalization Ashkanani PK.

On 15 February 2009 KBRI trust Ashkanani to complete all of the issues TKW in penampungannya. The head of the National Placement TKI (BNP2TKI) Moh Jumhur Hidayat a pioneer working with KUDLO at the end of November 2008 with the cooperation KUDLO is a pilot project involving foreign labor organizations.

Today, the Indonesian embassy in Kuwait gathering, attended by the consul Dino, TKW problems ask the government stop cooperation with the protection KUDLO because they did not give any benefit to them. "We only disidik fingers in to the police, but not kunjung return to the ground water," said one of the TKW.


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