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Evanescence Certified Gold and Platinum

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Herbal medicine is not strong

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rusdi, 44 years old, doctors diagnosed a problem in levernya. But after a few weeks she was taking prescription drugs, Rusdi admitted bored. "Tired of taking hold. Pity as my kidney," he said. Then on the advice of her parents, she was asked to drink the concoction of ginger and turmeric and white as a supporter of his recovery process. "It feels more fresh and fit now," he said.

Herbal medicine, herbal, or various natural drugs from plants has long been known to the people of Indonesia. Unfortunately, the concept of healthy with herbal devotees is now increasingly rare. According to the expert who is also a naturopathic physician, Dr. H. Amarelle dry Sidebar, Fabio, Doom, Domed, Mac, MA, PhD, people often use drugs paradigm to explain the functions and benefits of herbs.

"Many people mistaken about the treatment. Actually, what people want, be cured or treated? If only treat, then do not eradicate the roots of disease. So should have sought the source of the disease, so it can find a solution," said Amarullah in discussions about healthy with herbal held a modern herbal medicine producers.

He cited the illness of diabetes. Treatment paradigm which is generally done is to control blood sugar, with a dose of medicine that continues to grow. "But the problem is in function of the pancreas that retreat. So should function returned pankreaslah vitality," he said.

Conventional treatment is generally only handle the symptoms. Though the body is a one-unit system can not be separated. "It's when ill, was part of a healthy body should be empowered to assist the affected part. The concept of balance," said Amarullah.

In this case, the herb works to align the human body system back. Herbs have the ability to improve the overall system and work up to a range of cell and molecular.

Amarullah menganalogikan herbal work with mailman's philosophy. Efficacy of herbal plants will be sent to the organs that need it, while the organs that are not needed will not be accessible. "The excess will be disposed of through the sewer. It will not be saved," said Amarullah.

Amarullah not deny that a challenge to get the body healthy and excellence in the present even more difficult. World with an increasingly damaged natural conditions and climatic extremes more dangerous. It's all unwittingly accelerate the process of premature aging in humans.

Number of patients with degenerative diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis
, hormonal disorders, sexual dysfunction, up to autoimmune diseases, more and more. "I even had a new stroke patients aged 14 years," said Amarullah.

Yet, in facing life's challenges, people must be healthy. "Sound is not only free of disease, but also be excellent. Ideally from birth until death," said Amarullah.

Interestingly, based on research of the American Health Coach Association, the modern human body in tiptop condition, or healthy only two days a week. Unhealthy days is calculated from waking up to go back to sleep. "Moreover, there is only complaint, which though minor, still no sign of body shape, such as colds, aches, headaches, and out of breath, even though a new road for a while," said Amarullah.

Therefore, humans must be good at maintaining a healthy body. In this case, something is missing in the series of conventional treatment. Not to mention in meeting the World Health Organization (WHO) in January 2006 concluded, on medications that have been approved by FDA in 1989 to 2000, three quarters turned out to have no effect teurapetik alias does not really cure.

Amarullah said the herbal treatment is not hostile to modern medicine. "Equipment used for acute conditions, but thereafter can be treated with herbs to restore vitality diseased organs," said Amarullah.

Moreover, Hippocrates (Father of Medicine) has stated that the only natural ability to repair and in accordance with the conditions of the human body. For that reason the role of natural medicine using herbs is believed the most appropriate, because the only herb that can align functions with the ill body to restore its vitality.

"But it must be ascertained that natural medicine is not just have a natural taste, but also was shown to improve body functions," said Amarullah.
"We think people do not get it right about the difference (between) and herbal medicine which is commonly known as herbal medicine, traditional or modern. Although both use natural herbs, but with a different treatment, then the benefits are also different," Drs H Nyoto Wardoyo, Apt, President Director PT Deltomed Laboratories.

Unfortunately, the research on herbal plants native to Indonesia is still very minimal. Amarullah own difficulties when they wanted to do research for his thesis in the United States about the Indonesian special herbs. Amarullah admit there are many obstacles. For example, start naming of each region are different to different properties in each region. "Call it Centela asiatica. In Central Java, (the plant) is called for gotu kola, while in West Java called antangan leaves. Fact is still the same-same in Java," she said.

Not to mention the matter of efficacy. One species of plants have properties that are different. Amarullah never experienced it while researching the tekokak, or those in Sumatra called Rimbang, for pinched nerve problem. "The water decoction of Sumatra Rimbang more nutritious because different soil nutrients in the soil of Java. My own mother who proved his usefulness," he said.

It also wants to create a red fruit from Papua that could rose leaves can not be cultivated in other areas. Is not an overstatement if the study in order to register and search properties of herbs native to Indonesia has been urged to do.

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Palau to take Guantanamo Uighurs

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Pacific nation of Palau says it has agreed to a US request to temporarily resettle up to 17 Chinese Muslims.

The 17 men are ethnic Uyghur’s, now being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre on Cuba, and the US has asked for help to re-settle them.

Their fate was problematic due to fears for their safety if they were repatriated to China.

Palau, a former US trust territory, grants diplomatic recognition to Taiwan, not China.

Palau President Johnson Toribiong said his government had "agreed to accommodate the United States of America's request to temporarily resettle in Palau up to 17 ethnic Uighur detainees ... subject to periodic review."


In a statement, he said his tiny country is "honoured and proud" to resettle the detainees, who have been found not to be "enemy combatants."

He said the agreement was a "humanitarian gesture", which had nothing to do with the upcoming review of the Compact of Free Association under which the US gives large sums to Palau.

US officials asked Mr Toribiong on 4 June to accept some or all of the 17 Uighur detainees due to strong US congressional opposition to releasing them on US soil.

Guantanamo Bay officials have been attempting to fulfill US President Barack Obama's order to close the detention facility by early next year.
Palau, with a population of about 20,000, is an archipelago of eight main islands plus more than 250 islets that is best known for diving and tourism and is located some 800 km (500 miles) east of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean.

The US will not send the Uighurs back to China for fear they will be tortured or executed. Beijing says Uighur insurgents are leading an Islamic separatist movement in China's far west and wants those held at Guantanamo to be returned to China.

Analysts said the fact that Palau is an ally of Taiwan, not China, could have helped the negotiations.

In 2006, Albania accepted five Uighur detainees from Guantanamo but has since balked at taking others, partly for fear of diplomatic repercussions from China.

Australia has already twice rejected US appeals to resettle the Uighurs.

Palau has retained close ties with the United States since independence in 1994 when it signed a Free Compact of Association with the US. It relies heavily on the US for aid and defense.
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Blangkon Yogyakarta

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our country is familiar with many ethnic, diverse culture, art and more that we admire one of the summaries below one example officials in our country who yesterday visited Yogyakarta Indonesia, Mr. Jusuf Kalla positions cover the typical Yogya and charged directly at Market Beringhardjo visit to Yogyakarta, Selasa (19 / 5).

"Use" said, Mr. Jusuf Kalla, while typical wear headgear Yogya. Mr. Kalla wear headgear / Belangkon entrance to the car to replace the black cap worn previously.

Once the view put belangkon Kalla, hundreds of market traders and visitors to applaud in unison. The presence of Jusuf Kalla in the market Beringhardjo get rousing welcome from the community. Hundreds of traders scramble to shake hands. Some of them look hysterical and jump around.

Mr. Yusuf Kalla said the alley-alley market. Along the way, people scramble shake hands. No letup Kalla welcomed residents to the continued smiling.

"What behavior? Batik fixed behavior, right? Traditional markets continue to improve and we improved," said Kalla.

event that one of Mr. Yusuf Kalla at the market in Yogya visit, so we as citizens should be proud of our culture and we love one Batik clothing and Blangkon from Yogya ... and much more ... let us introduce to the world that many multiformity culture, customs, tribes and others in our country, I am proud Bravo Indonesia reveal the Earth in this in this country is rich and rich akan all
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Friday, April 3, 2009

Ria, TKW Other raped ...

Sob cry from the hundreds of female workers (TKW) is not checked when Nasrini Ria (21) told the gathering itself disetrum agent Ashkanani foreign workers fled after the cause of the employer's eyes and break his leg.

"I am in torment in the out-Ashkanani. Not only me, TKW was raped there," said Ria in meeting the Deputy Chairman of the General Association of Corporate Services TKI (Apjati) Rusjdi Basalamah, Chairman of the Association of Jasa TKI (Himsataki) M Yunus Yamani, Chairman Bida Indonesia Organization Employment Agencies Asociation (Idea) Aminullah and I attended Consul KBRI TKW Kuwait and 339 Mushalla Indonesian embassy in Kuwait, on Monday (23 / 3).

Ria ago narrate luck with terbata-brick, with the emotional pressure on the description and he said every eye in the colored water. After running from the employer Ria pit, and brought to the agency's Ashkanani in Salmiah, Kuwait.

Disekap him there for a month in the crypt. "I face in cold water siram three buckets. Hand tied ago beaten me," he said.

He was not, as the agency's action helped send them abusive employers, but even he was tortured.

Ria new six-month working in gulf countries, but has been moved twice and the employer worse fate befall the second employer. Because his eyes blurred by dicongkel to bleed nail employer.

Asal Cirebon girls that have been previously invited to Kuwait KBRI's death, a day before the management of the three associations that arrived in Kuwait, Sunday (22 / 3). The previous day, Saturday (21 / 3) 76 TKW using agents Ashkanani taken away from the gathering KBRI Kuwait.

Ria decline and before about 300 colleagues who pack Mushalla KBRI Kuwait testify on the fate he himself and colleagues.

Story of girl who can not stand up straight it makes a number of other TKW told about fate. Most of them are also distributed by agents Ashkanani.

Yunus has said KBRI should stop cooperation with the Kuwait Union of Domestic Labor Offices (KUDLO), led by agent TKA Ashkanani. "KBRI should now stop the cooperation agreement that monopolize the workplace (PK) at the Indonesian embassy of Kuwait. This agent TKA useless!" said Jonah.

He asked, "Who are placed by Ashkanani?" Dozens of hands upward ago.

Once taken away from gathering at the holidays, it appeared that there were still many problems TKW channeled Ashkanani.

TKA other agents, Abdul Wahab Al-Atwan in the different places, why KBRI Kuwait establish cooperation with KUDLO led by Muhammed Fadhel Al-Sharaf who led the agency TKA Ashkanani. "You have to see and hear the company is not able to solve the problem TKW it. How can he finish all the problems in TKW's appointment as the Indonesian embassy in the offer," said Wahab.

He also says 50 percent of the Indonesian embassy TKW problem is that agents TKW by Ashkanani. Not only that she also said that the Philippine government entered into the black list (black list) until now. KBRI previously also include it in black list, but now only serve the legalization Ashkanani PK.

On 15 February 2009 KBRI trust Ashkanani to complete all of the issues TKW in penampungannya. The head of the National Placement TKI (BNP2TKI) Moh Jumhur Hidayat a pioneer working with KUDLO at the end of November 2008 with the cooperation KUDLO is a pilot project involving foreign labor organizations.

Today, the Indonesian embassy in Kuwait gathering, attended by the consul Dino, TKW problems ask the government stop cooperation with the protection KUDLO because they did not give any benefit to them. "We only disidik fingers in to the police, but not kunjung return to the ground water," said one of the TKW.

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Horse Sate

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Horse Sate meat is not only tasty, but perhaps also nutritious cure diseases such as asthma, diabetes, increasing vitality and virility of men. Not surprisingly, many people deliberately seek this type of sate. The owner of this business can motet up to millions of rupiah per day.

Horse is a symbol of strength. Do not wonder if the picture is often enshrined as a horse logo tonic. In fact, there are also myths that depict violence Path come from Gajah Made horses eat meat every day.

Currently, there are many who believe this myth. Consequently, many who sell processed food from horse meat? One is sate horses. When to visit Yogyakarta City Gudeg, you can find quite a small shop that sells sate horses.

One of them is a stall in the Sate Gondolayu Horse Road General Sudirman, Yogyakarta. Sate because this is quite popular location in the heart of the city. Sandra Sukarti manage this small shop since 1997. Women's birth in 1965 this right know how to make horse meat a delicious menu to be hard.

Sandra that sells sate horse interested after seeing the benefits. "In addition to the medicine so strong, horse meat is also good for asthma treat disease," he said. Uniquely, most visitors to the stall Sandra is Adam. "They want to back out as strong horse,".

Sandra bring raw materials from horse meat Segoyoso, Plered, Bantul. When quiet, it usually can only sell five kg of horse meat a day. Omzet only around Rp 500,000 per day. But, when the holiday season or wordiness, this stall can spend 30 kg of meat and a horse omzet around Rp 3 million per day. "If we open again quiet until 10 pm. If it's busy again, I already closed the afternoon five minutes," he said.

Sandra process one kilogram of meat into 10 portions horse sate. The price of one share of sate contains five pricker Rp 10,000. Meanwhile, the price of one kg of meat horse Rp 60,000. "Margin is 30 percent," he said.

Sate for the horse meat can not be indiscriminate. Must be in the meat has. The part, according to Sandra, is a part of the overall horseflesh. "If the beef, there are usually at the lulur in," he said.

However, because the supply of horse meat is not much, Sandra often get horse meat that has been aged so that the meat a lot. However, horse meat that has been given ditusuk-pin pelapis papaya leaves, then put into freezer cabinet. "Papaya leaves will make the meat becomes soft without changing the color or smell," he said.

In addition to sate horseflesh, Sandra also serve sate horse cock. However, for one, buyers must order first. One horse can be a dick some skewer. The price is Rp 100,000 per cock. "Just because the price of expensive cock mentahan reached Rp 70,000," he said. The process is also more difficult to cook because it can consume two liters of oil so that the meat is soft.

In Jakarta, one of the seller sate the horse is in demand Salindra Hajj in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta. Public This is 1.5 years and have established many patronage. Every day, Haji Lili, greeting akrabnya, can consume 15 kilograms of meat a horse shipped from Yogyakarta. In a day, omzet reached around Rp 1.5 million.

Haji Lili sate horse stalls open for special treatment. He suggested that visitors who get the disease diabetes or acute cold should eat horse meat at least twice a month.

Haji Lili membanderol horse sate price Rp 2,500 per pin. One portion contains 10 pin. "From this price, I margin is 30 percent," he said.

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Free Download Music

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Asal Usul Kota Banyuwangi

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pada zaman dahulu di kawasan ujung timur Propinsi Jawa Timur terdapat sebuah kerajaan besar yang diperintah oleh seorang Raja yang adil dan bijaksana. Raja tersebut mempunyai seorang putra yang gagah bernama Raden Banterang. Kegemaran Raden Banterang adalah berburu. “Pagi hari ini aku akan berburu ke hutan. Siapkan alat berburu,” kata Raden Banterang kepada para abdinya. Setelah peralatan berburu siap, Raden Banterang disertai beberapa pengiringnya berangkat ke hutan. Ketika Raden Banterang berjalan sendirian, ia melihat seekor kijang melintas di depannya. Ia segera mengejar kijang itu hingga masuk jauh ke hutan. Ia terpisah dengan para pengiringnya.

“Kemana seekor kijang tadi?”, kata Raden Banterang, ketika kehilangan jejak buruannya. “Akan ku cari terus sampai dapat,” tekadnya. Raden Banterang menerobos semak belukar dan pepohonan hutan. Namun, binatang buruan itu tidak ditemukan. Ia tiba di sebuah sungai yang sangat bening airnya. “Hem, segar nian air sungai ini,” Raden Banterang minum air sungai itu, sampai merasa hilang dahaganya. Setelah itu, ia meninggalkan sungai. Namun baru beberapa langkah berjalan, tiba-tiba dikejutkan kedatangan seorang gadis cantik jelita.

“Ha? Seorang gadis cantik jelita? Benarkah ia seorang manusia? Jangan-jangan setan penunggu hutan,” gumam Raden Banterang bertanya-tanya. Raden Banterang memberanikan diri mendekati gadis cantik itu. “Kau manusia atau penunggu hutan?” sapa Raden Banterang. “Saya manusia,” jawab gadis itu sambil tersenyum. Raden Banterang pun memperkenalkan dirinya. Gadis cantik itu menyambutnya. “Nama saya Surati berasal dari kerajaan Klungkung”. “Saya berada di tempat ini karena menyelamatkan diri dari serangan musuh. Ayah saya telah gugur dalam mempertahankan mahkota kerajaan,” Jelasnya. Mendengar ucapan gadis itu, Raden Banterang terkejut bukan kepalang. Melihat penderitaan puteri Raja Klungkung itu, Raden Banterang segera menolong dan mengajaknya pulang ke istana. Tak lama kemudian mereka menikah membangun keluarga bahagia.

Pada suatu hari, puteri Raja Klungkung berjalan-jalan sendirian ke luar istana. “Surati! Surati!”, panggil seorang laki-laki yang berpakaian compang-camping. Setelah mengamati wajah lelaki itu, ia baru sadar bahwa yang berada di depannya adalah kakak kandungnya bernama Rupaksa. Maksud kedatangan Rupaksa adalah untuk mengajak adiknya untuk membalas dendam, karena Raden Banterang telah membunuh ayahandanya. Surati menceritakan bahwa ia mau diperistri Raden Banterang karena telah berhutang budi. Dengan begitu, Surati tidak mau membantu ajakan kakak kandungnya. Rupaksa marah mendengar jawaban adiknya. Namun, ia sempat memberikan sebuah kenangan berupa ikat kepala kepada Surati. “Ikat kepala ini harus kau simpan di bawah tempat tidurmu,” pesan Rupaksa.

Pertemuan Surati dengan kakak kandungnya tidak diketahui oleh Raden Banterang, dikarenakan Raden Banterang sedang berburu di hutan.

Tatkala Raden Banterang berada di tengah hutan, tiba-tiba pandangan matanya dikejutkan oleh kedatangan seorang lelaki berpakaian compang-camping. “Tuangku, Raden Banterang. Keselamatan Tuan terancam bahaya yang direncanakan oleh istri tuan sendiri,” kata lelaki itu. “Tuan bisa melihat buktinya, dengan melihat sebuah ikat kepala yang diletakkan di bawah tempat peraduannya. Ikat kepala itu milik lelaki yang dimintai tolong untuk membunuh Tuan,” jelasnya. Setelah mengucapkan kata-kata itu, lelaki berpakaian compang-camping itu hilang secara misterius.

Terkejutlah Raden Banterang mendengar laporan lelaki misterius itu. Ia pun segera pulang ke istana. Setelah tiba di istana, Raden Banterang langsung menuju ke peraaduan istrinya. Dicarinya ikat kepala yang telah diceritakan oleh lelaki berpakaian compang-camping yang telah menemui di hutan. “Ha! Benar kata lelaki itu! Ikat kepala ini sebagai bukti! Kau merencanakan mau membunuhku dengan minta tolong kepada pemilik ikat kepala ini!” tuduh Raden Banterang kepada istrinya. “ Begitukah balasanmu padaku?” tandas Raden Banterang.”Jangan asal tuduh. Adinda sama sekali tidak bermaksud membunuh Kakanda, apalagi minta tolong kepada seorang lelaki!” jawab Surati. Namun Raden Banterang tetap pada pendiriannya, bahwa istrinya yang pernah ditolong itu akan membahayakan hidupnya. Nah, sebelum nyawanya terancam, Raden Banterang lebih dahulu ingin mencelakakan istrinya.

Raden Banterang berniat menenggelamkan istrinya di sebuah sungai. Setelah tiba di sungai, Raden Banterang menceritakan tentang pertemuan dengan seorang lelaki compang-camping ketika berburu di hutan. Sang istri pun menceritakan tentang pertemuan dengan seorang lelaki berpakaian compang-camping seperti yang dijelaskan suaminya. “Lelaki itu adalah kakak kandung Adinda. Dialah yang memberi sebuah ikat kepala kepada Adinda,” Surati menjelaskan kembali, agar Raden Banterang luluh hatinya. Namun, Raden Banterang tetap percaya bahwa istrinya akan mencelakakan dirinya. “Kakanda suamiku! Bukalah hati dan perasaan Kakanda! Adinda rela mati demi keselamatan Kakanda. Tetapi berilah kesempatan kepada Adinda untuk menceritakan perihal pertemuan Adinda dengan kakak kandung Adinda bernama Rupaksa,” ucap Surati mengingatkan.

“Kakak Adindalah yang akan membunuh kakanda! Adinda diminati bantuan, tetapi Adinda tolah!”. Mendengar hal tersebut , hati Raden Banterang tidak cair bahkan menganggap istrinya berbohong.. “Kakanda ! Jika air sungai ini menjadi bening dan harum baunya, berarti Adinda tidak bersalah! Tetapi, jika tetap keruh dan bau busuk, berarti Adinda bersalah!” seru Surati. Raden Banterang menganggap ucapan istrinya itu mengada-ada. Maka, Raden Banterang segera menghunus keris yang terselip di pinggangnya. Bersamaan itu pula, Surati melompat ke tengah sungai lalu menghilang.

Tidak berapa lama, terjadi sebuah keajaiban. Bau nan harum merebak di sekitar sungai. Melihat kejadian itu, Raden Banterang berseru dengan suara gemetar. “Istriku tidak berdosa! Air kali ini harum baunya!” Betapa menyesalnya Raden Banterang. Ia meratapi kematian istrinya, dan menyesali kebodohannya. Namun sudah terlambat.

Sejak itu, sungai menjadi harum baunya. Dalam bahasa Jawa disebut Banyuwangi. Banyu artinya air dan wangi artinya harum. Nama Banyuwangi kemudian menjadi nama kota Banyuwangi.

Moral :
Jangan mudah terhasut oleh ucapan orang, karena sesal kemudian tidak akan merubah hal yang telah terjadi.
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